10 Favourite Songs of 2019 [Updated]

Image from Gerd Altmann

10. High Definition by Waterparks

If you had asked me 3 months ago if a Waterparks song would be on my list of best songs from 2019 I would probably would have laughed… and yet here we are.

You can check out my review of this song on my review of FANDOM. Basically, this song speaks to me in a way I’m not entirely comfortable with but hey, if your music isn’t make some people uncomfortable you’re not doing it right.

Also, my brain recently made a comparison between Awsten Knight and Beast Boy and now I can’t un-see it. Take is as a compliment Awsten–Beast Boy was always my favourite member of the Teen Titans.


9. Mykinnacoma (Not Your Kind) by Hoity-Toity

Have I talked enough about how much I love the guitar in this song? Guess not because here we are again.

The funky bass is awesome in this song too. Just go listen to this band. If you need more convincing you can read my review of their EP Not Your Kind.

Definitely a band that deserves some more love. They’re pretty funny too.

8. Sunday Driver by The Raconteurs

Somehow this album pasted me by in the summer and it’s a shame because I love funky-blues rock, especially if Jack White is involved. There’s a wonderful energy to the track and the vocal improvisations by White only serve to amplify it.

Also, it’s a rock song with a cow-bell in it so I’m sold.

7. The End of the Game by Weezer

Yes, the Hella Mega Tour is a thing that is happening… until, you know, Halloween and we all went back to MCR.

If you had told me Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer were all releasing new music, I would have said Weezer was the one I was least interested in. They’re a bit hit-or-miss for me. But that guitar right at the beginning definitely got my attention. It just feels good to listen to this song and I found myself revisiting it throughout the past months.

6. Criminal Energy by Jimmy Eat World

This album was a little hit-and-miss for me but I remember hearing this sound the first time and jamming out to it. It reminds me so much of Royal Blood–at least the instrumentation–and I LOVE Royal Blood so much that it was inevitable that I would fall in love with this track too. That instrumental bridge is gorgeous with a bass that I can feel in my chest. Get yourself a nice pair of headphones and listen to this track.

I’m a rock music junky so the more rock and roll it is, the more it’s going to grab my attention.

5. Grow as We Go by Ben Platt

And now for a drastic mood shift!

Okay, but I love Ben Platt‘s voice and this song is beautiful. I remember when it came out I listened to it on repeat more times than is strictly healthy. There’s something so lonely in the lone vocal and simple guitar for the verses that really brings out what the song is about.

And as a guitar player who does finger-plucking, it’s ear-candy.

If you haven’t listened to Sing To Me Instead it’s definitely worth a chance. If only for the gorgeous vocals Platt delivers.

4. Addicted by Marina City

I don’t really know what to say about this song except that it’s a bop. The layered vocals have a wonderful R&B feel (think Boyz II Men) and they’re so smooth. But once that bass kicks in a dare you not to start dancing along. It’s got a very 80’s feel to it along the lines of Prince and Michael Jackson while still managing to feel modern. A track I kept coming back to this year when I wanted to dance.

3. Oh Noel by I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

Okay, so I’m a hopeless Dallon Weekes fangirl but I couldn’t make a list of my favourite songs and not have an IDKHow song on it. You can read my full review of Christmas Drag if you feel like it.

I still cry a little bit every time I listen to this song. There’s just something about the fragility in Weekes’ voice that makes me tear up but also really want to give him a hug.

2. People by The 1975

I honestly thought that this would be my favourite song of the year when I first heard it. I LOVE The 1975 and to have them create a punk song with this much bite to it made me unbelievably happy. I was giddy for about 24 hours and people kept telling me to shut up about this song. I even wrote a really rushed review of it the day it came out that you can read if you want.

So I didn’t listen to them. Go listen to this song. Do it for yourself. It can only bring joy.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kiss Like the Sun by Jake Bugg
  • Time by NF
  • Not Gonna Miss U by Madrona
  • Bring It On by The Vespids
  • Might Be Right by White Reaper

1. Masecure: The New American Dream by Palaye Royale

This is a song that I listened to the first 5 seconds and then stopped, put on my nice headphones, went back to the beginning and just closed my eyes and listened. I smiled so much while listening to this song.

I love the muted effect on the beginning that only makes the full instrumentation hit harder. There’s some cleaver writing happening here too–not just on the lyrics but in the production choices too.

I won’t get into too much detail here because I’m going to write a full review and post it soon. Just know that Palaye Royale is definitely a band to watch in 2020.

Well, that pretty much sums up music for me in 2019. Honestly, some really good releases this year and some exciting stuff to come. Lots of aggressive, pissed-off tracks that I think really showcases how the world is feeling nowadays. Feel free to comment any of your favourite music.

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By Sarah Carswell

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