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Idle Chaos Series

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 1 [Original Story]

The banister melted beneath Aisha’s hand.  She jerked her hand away, darting her eyes around the foyer of the Temple to check if anyone had seen, but all heads were bowed. There were plenty of prophets visiting the Temples and she was one of the servants—no reason to think anyone would spare time to watch […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 2 [Original Story]

“Good day, Sisters,” he said, bowing slightly to her though his dark brown eyes never left hers. “How are you enjoying the festivities?” His voice had a wonderful bass to it. Aisha felt her jaw slacken in shock. He was the gentleman—the one who had seen her use her magic. Had he come up to […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 3: Seti [Original Story]

Seti forgot more and more of himself every time he took on a new veneer. He had heard that, long ago, there had been magic users who could rip the ground apart and flood the desert with a wave of their hand. Times when the water had been plentiful in Afasa because the people had […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 4: Seti [Original Series]

“They’re going to kill him,” Kahina said against his chest. “They’re going to take him away and kill him, and no one seems to care!”  He pushed her far enough away from him that he could look into her eyes. They were so red and swollen–his heart dropped in his chest. “Who’s being killed?” “Junaid! […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 5: Kahina [Original Series]

Kahina watched as Seti flung himself over the side of the railing and dropped out of sight. Her breath caught, and she rushed over to the banister, half hanging over it, to see Seti disappear down the hallway that led to the kitchen. She still felt like crying, but there was too much shock getting […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 6: Seti [Original Series]

There wasn’t a decision made when Seti found himself moving towards the temple, careful to listen for guards. It resulted in a somewhat unorthodox route, but they got there. The trouble was, and he realized this on opening the door, he didn’t know the priestess’s name. Or anything about her that would tell him she […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 7: Aisha [Original Series]

Aisha had sat frozen in her room after the gentleman had left. Panic made her mind buzz. She was sure she was going to die–he would sell her out to save himself. He would tell everyone exactly what she was, and no amount of blue in her eyes was going to help her. What would […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 8: Kahina [Original Series]

Kahina tried to forget the look on Seti’s face as their eyes had met across the foyer. She tried to ignore the way something had crumbled inside her as he turned and ran away. She tried imagining his triumphant return to take her and her brother away from the death that lingered over them. But […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 9: Seti [Original Series]

The world erupted in pain. Bones cracked as they shifted into place. Muscle burned as it regrew—shocks of nerves coming back to life. It lasted years, decades before he got his hearing back. Pain shifted through his body too quickly. The sound ripped through his brain. His screams blended into the wave, and ash coated […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 10: Aisha [Original Series]

The explosion would have thrown Aisha if she hadn’t been on the ground already. All she could do was hide her head and wish for the best. When she finally looked up, bodies were strewn across the floor of the Temple. Her first thought should have been to get out. Instead, she had searched the […]

‘Idle Chaos’ Part 11: Sudi [Original Series]

Sudi Boulos maintained a pleasant smile on his face as the Lord sitting beside him continued to talk about… shipments? New policies? Everything in the banquet hall had turned into the persistent buzz of a fly long ago. Frustratingly annoying but impossible to squish without making oneself look like a fool. He made an agreeing […]

One-Time Short Stories

Specular Reflections [Original Short Story]

I thought since we’re getting close to the season of spooks and ghosts that I would publish this short horror story I wrote. It goes into some detail about my experiences with mental illness and there is some gore so keep that in mind before you decide to read it. Let me know if you […]