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‘You Deserve Love’ by White Reaper [Album Review]

So my experience with White Reaper is pretty limited to this album. I can’t say I haven’t heard any of their other songs before I listened through this album because I’m pretty sure I had heard of them before but this was the real first listen and–damn. Like, usually it takes me a little bit to fall for a band–I like to get to know them before I think about love, that’s just the girl I am–but this was a rom-com style meet-cute right here.


10 Favourite Songs of 2019 [Updated]

10. High Definition by Waterparks If you had asked me 3 months ago if a Waterparks song would be on my list of best songs from 2019 I would probably would have laughed… and yet here we are. You can check out my review of this song on my review of FANDOM. Basically, this song […]