Track Reviews

‘Lowkey As Hell’ by Waterparks [Song Review]

Waterparks are one of those bands that I ignored for the first little bit when they were starting to be better known, and somehow I’ve fallen into following all their social media and waiting for them to release new stuff, and I’m not sure when the shift happened. I know that their last album fandom […]


10 Favourite Songs of 2019 [Updated]

10. High Definition by Waterparks If you had asked me 3 months ago if a Waterparks song would be on my list of best songs from 2019 I would probably would have laughed… and yet here we are. You can check out my review of this song on my review of FANDOM. Basically, this song […]

Album Reviews

‘FANDOM’ by Waterparks [Album Review]

This is an album that I didn’t think I was going to listen to all the way through let alone make a review about but I guess the singles that were released leading up to it really grabbed my attention because I jumped at the opportunity to listen to this album all the way through on […]