Track Reviews

‘It’s Only You’ by The Vespids [Song Review]

This is definitely a feel-good song for me. The Vespids are a band that I was super excited to find and then mildly disappointed when I discovered they hadn’t released much music yet. Looking on the positive side, it means I get to be surprised when they release new stuff and see where the band […]


10 Favourite Songs of 2019 [Updated]

10. High Definition by Waterparks If you had asked me 3 months ago if a Waterparks song would be on my list of best songs from 2019 I would probably would have laughed… and yet here we are. You can check out my review of this song on my review of FANDOM. Basically, this song […]

Artist Spotlight

The Vespids [Musician Spotlight]

When I’m listening to random playlists on Spotify and I think “who is this?” and have to stop what I’m doing, I know that I’ve stumbled across a band or artist that could be my new obsession. After having one of these experiences, I introduce you to The Vespids. This might be my favourite band […]