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If you had asked 8-year-old Sarah what they wanted to be when she grew up they would have said, “I want to be a writer and I want to own my own business”. Writing has been a passion that is not only enjoyed by Sarah but also keeps them awake at night when they think of new ideas.

Blogging is not where they thought they would end up. They were going to write “literature”–the next great novel of their time! And maybe they still will, someday, but blogging has become a way of sharing what they love and pushing themselves to write every day.

Which hasn’t always been easy. As a child, the writing was one of the hardest things Sarah has ever done, second only to reading. Teachers told them to sound out words they couldn’t spell but the sounds in their head rarely matched the ones meant to be on the page. They took to drawing because it was a way of telling the stories in their head without having to write them down. Then one day, as they were forcing themselves to read a book, a book they can’t recall the title of now, they read a sentence that so fully transported them into the world of the book that they knew they had to learn how to write like that!

And so began a less than graceful journey into the world of writing. They read everything they could get their hands on, even if it took them 5 times as long to read it like everyone else. They wrote whole books that their mother claims she was never fully able to read because the spelling was so bad.

As they stumble their way through this blog they hope that they will be able to share their love of stories with others and encourage them to read and experience more of what they love, even when it’s a struggle.

And maybe, somewhere along the way, they might even learn to spell without the help of spellcheck.


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