Track Reviews

‘Ready to Love’ by Emarosa [Song Review]

Synth-pop is something I’ve gotten into more over the last couple of years and I’m honestly super happy the style is coming back. From the first couple of seconds of this song I was overtaken with a sense of nostalgia–which can either be good or bad. I’m not a very sentimental person so depending on […]

Album Reviews

‘You Deserve Love’ by White Reaper [Album Review]

So my experience with White Reaper is pretty limited to this album. I can’t say I haven’t heard any of their other songs before I listened through this album because I’m pretty sure I had heard of them before but this was the real first listen and–damn. Like, usually it takes me a little bit to fall for a band–I like to get to know them before I think about love, that’s just the girl I am–but this was a rom-com style meet-cute right here.

Short Story Review

‘The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’ by D. H. Lawrence [Short Story Review]

Either I really need to start paying more attention to the stories I read or I need to pick more straight-forward texts because this was another short story that took me a couple reads to understand. On my first read, I was really confused about why people were making the decisions they were, such as […]