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‘A Spirit’s Weight’ by River of Souls [New Release]

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It gives a small taste of what they do on their new album ‘Usurper’ which has been praised by reviewers for being refreshingly diverse while still maintaining a constant atmosphere of melancholy, dread and despair. So enjoy the video and be sure to check out the album

Background of Band (from Facebook page)

River of Souls was founded in 2014. The music can be described as heavy doom death metal, but it’s all about the guitar riff!

In 2017 The debut album “The Well of Urd” was released, an album with lyrical themes as our everlasting fate, the binding forces of nature and our journey through the light and the dark. This was accompanied by a very diverse sound palette, ranging from, doomy coldness, through diverse melodic parts to straight up tempo death metal which creates a gateway to the world beneath the Well…

After much positive reviews and reactions, in 2018 the EP “The Nihilist” was recorded and released. This was also received with positive feedback and reviews. The first live shows were also done in 2018, at ao. Armistice Doomfest in Antwerp(BE) and Dutch Doom Days in NL.

2019 was a year of changes for River of Souls. While working on tracks for the sophomore album, line up troubles appeared. In June 2019 the band released the single “Prometheus unbound” digitally, and focused on writing and recording the new album, and the future of the band.

Flash forward to 2020. River of Souls has a complete line up again, the second album is coming out in May, and the first shows are already booked from April on. The music is still heavy, still doom, still death, and still all about the guitar riff!

Find the Band at:


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