All the Time Everything [Musician Interview]

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Background of the Band

All The Time Everywhere (ATTE) first established themselves in the Kingston/Napanee, Ontario area and now calls Banff, AB home. Starting as an art project with a friend, ATTE has now elaborated into a sound that encompasses influences past and present combining energy, emotion and power. Band Leader, Aaron Lavigueur, relocated to Banff, Alberta in late 2019 to become both re-inspired and refocused on building his dream of being a working musician. The move has paid off in spades with the writing and recording with his brother, Evan Lavigueur and Producer Stefan Loebus, of a new album, “The Long Con” and with the addition of new bandmates, Chris Cushman (bass) and Terry Blanchard (drums). “The Long Con” features 6 exceptionally strong tracks that demonstrate a drastic step forward for Aaron and All The Time Everywhere.

Aggressive and in your face music with influences like Alexis On Fire, Architects, Goldfinger, Face To Face, Lagwagon, and The Fullblast, drives the sound of All The Time Everywhere. The boys set out to create music that draws influence from some of the greats of the past and spins them into a modern fresh sound. Catchy lyrics, brilliant gang vocal harmonies and an energetic live show grabs the audience from the start and never lets them go. Energy and memorable songs are the result of bearing down and writing an album with your life in the balance and executing the vision from start to finish. Now that the map is laid out, the lineup is ready to deliver a hard hitting sound that you won’t forget.

Now, All The Time Everywhere is excited to release their second track, “Partition” along with their video, from the soon-to-be-released Sophomore EP, “The Long Con” (October 2020).

“An all-encompassing, ever-present representation of things that have come to pass and things yet to come.”

Says Aaron Lavigueur, “This song is a line in the sand. From your personal life to the state of the world, things are changing and it always had to get worse before it gets better. This song is about that.”

Who inspired you to make music?

Every band I’ve ever heard. The artists I’ve enjoyed because they inspire me to make great music and the artists I haven’t enjoyed so much because of the same reason. I used to sit in front of the speakers as a toddler listening to music thinking there were little people in the speakers playing it every time I turned it on. As I got older I realized how music was engrained in everything we do as human beings

What is your creative process like?

I start with a melody in my head. Then I figure that melody out on guitar and go from there. Sometimes its a melody and a lyric as well and I build from there. Once I get some decent parts together that flow I take it to the band and we hammer it out. Then we go into the studio where our producer cuts it up and puts on the finishing touches

What do you feel is the best song you have released/written and why?

The best song in my opinion is our new single Partition (Party’s Over). It has a cool feel to it and changes moods in a cool way.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Mind your own business and keep your sh– to yourself!

If you could be any kind of cookie, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t ever be a cookie. I’d be a chip or salted cracker. I don’t like sweets at all 99.9% of the time.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

Well…that’s a lot of a question. I think it has made it easier for listeners to access a lot of different music. I think for the artists it’s not exactly the best thing. However I still think the fundamentals of music are the same. You still have to be able to tour to be a success (most of the time). And to have any longevity you need to be able to produce more than 1 good song. Artists make a lot less money off of their music it seems. But I’m not even sure that is true. I honestly have no idea. You’d have to ask someone who has actually made the money before and after the internet

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

Streaming services should give out more money to their most listened artists. Like choose the top 1000 artists and give them a bigger cut. Actually everyone should get a bigger cut.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I can make a cigarette disappear in 2 different ways.

When you’re done with music, what do you want people to think when they talk about you and your work?

I want them to think “I wish that band was still making music”. Always leave them wanting more.

What is your most recent project/upcoming project?

All The Time Everywhere. We are putting out an EP called “The Long Con” sometime soon!

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By Sarah Carswell

After spending 5 years studying language and writing, Sarah spends most of her time thinking critically about popular works of fiction, and after a lifetime love of music they have made themselves a place where they can analyze music and interview musicians. To learn about their struggle with learning to read and write please check out the About page. You can send a message to Sarah by going to the contact page and sending an email with your feedback and suggestions for new content.

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