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‘Frail State of Mind’ by The 1975 [Song Review]


After to bombshell that was ‘People’ (my thoughts on that track here), and the political wallop that the new version of ‘The 1975’ had–the leading track on all of The 1975’s albums–I was expecting big things from this new track from their upcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form. To say that I don’t enjoy this track would be untrue and too harsh but it did strike me as a track that would have fit better on their previous albums, specifically the last two, rather than with the material that has already been released for NOACF. I’m not sure how fair that judgement is given that it’s only the second single that has been released so how should I know what it will sound like?

As always, the lyrics really shine in this track–I highly suggest looking them up and reading along while you listen. They talk about interacting with friends and ones self when dealing with anxiety, such as trying to convince yourself to go outside or spend time with a close friend and ultimately convincing yourself it’s better for everyone if you just stayed home by yourself.

Oh, what’s the vibe?

I wouldn’t know, I’m normally in bed at this time

You guys, go do your thing

And I’ll just leave at nine

Don’t wanna bore you with my frail state of mind

This track builds really nicely and it definitely had me bopping along with it by the end, especially on repeated listens. This is a song I don’t mind coming back to but I’m not convinced it was the best song to release as a single. The 1975 has a lot of songs that work best when they’re in the context of the album and I feel like this will be one of those songs. I’m very interested to see where this track falls in NOACF.

Maybe I was too excited about the rock/punk sound that ‘People’ had and was a bit disappointed to see that The 1975 was staying in its comfort-zone a bit with the instrumentation here. I would have loved to hear something lyrically deeper and for them to go somewhere new with the overall sound. The fact that I can hear elements not only of their previous albums but also pop songs that get played on the radio makes my a little more nervous about what this album is going to sound like.

Still a nice track and still has lyrics I can connect to but it’s an optimistic 3/5 from me.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments and what you think this upcoming album will be like!

By Sarah Carswell

After spending 5 years studying language and writing, Sarah spends most of her time thinking critically about popular works of fiction, and after a lifetime love of music they have made themselves a place where they can analyze music and interview musicians. To learn about their struggle with learning to read and write please check out the About page. You can send a message to Sarah by going to the contact page and sending an email with your feedback and suggestions for new content.

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